About Us

A proven visionary and strategic leader that translates innovative business concepts into maximum profits commensurate with the best interest of partners, customers, employees, and the public. An expert in identifying undervalued assets; creating unique market opportunities; effective cost and operation controls; developing strategic initiatives; unique abilitiy to put together a stellar team of talent. Very knowledgeable in real estate development and hospitality/entertainment industries with proven track record of sales success. Dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on quality, service, and uncompromising ethics.

Our Mission

As the founder and chief visionary, Basri leads an array of different industries and each division in innovative and revolutionary redevelopment of real estate, cutting edge fabrication plants, asset management, partnership, entrepreneurial experience, service, standards, guest management, employee development, and superior hospitality operations. Creating a platform of unique, performance-driven models, Basri has adeptly positioned many businesses to achieve constant annual growth with high net worth value and its diversified business as the leader in many different sectors.


Our Vision


Vision I

Basri is a unique individual—exemplary of true entrepreneurial talent—with a singular ability to motivate, inspire, and identify the talent and resources needed to get a job successfully completed. With an indefatigable work ethic and passionate enthusiasm, Basri already has an impressive record of success, in the restaurant and other industries, despite his young age. The restaurant business is what gave Basri the start and love of the Real Estate business by accruing the property, remodeling, opening the operation and put in place a quick sale with combined real estate and business.


Vision II

As an entrepreneur who believes in diversification, Basri’s ventures extend into the independent mortgage brokerage business and the importation and sale of fine Persian rugs, in addition to the restaurant and real estate industries. Over the years, he has established an impressive network of professional contacts throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe and Middle East. Basri enjoys taking on new challenges and seeing them to a successful completion, working to achieve a rapid turnaround.


Vision III

Always make sure to love one another and make your family number one no matter what happens in your life. They are you true soul anchor.

Our Services


Real Estate Development and Sales

Organized and established a real estate development company and completed a successful condo conversion project in Punta Mita, Mexico, considered to be among the top luxury second home communities in the world.


Business Development

From 1996-1999, he followed on his early success with three other high-end family-styled restaurants. Demonstrating his ability to quickly reach results, all were opened within six months of inception, and all were subsequently sold for a substantial profit.


Restaurant Operations

By his late twenties, Basri had already opened four successful restaurants of his own. Turning his attention to bringing fine dining and service to traditional family restaurant markets, providing an affordable option that still offered more sophisticated style and service.

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